Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why so many June birthdays?!

My cousin and her parents just arrived on FRi. The reason is that we have a party for June Birthdays tonight, which just ended. She brought her dog(yorky?) along so we had a dog in our house for a couple days...they leave tomorrow. I took some video of can stand for a loong time. He is very active and jumps on people, but thank goodness it's small so you don't get knocked over. When you have food, he'll follow you everywhere even though she feeds him.

We just celebrated 3rd auntie(turning 92), my grandpa(dunno?), my dad(turning 53 tmrrow), and Auntie Janet(dunno?). Good thing it wasn't super I just wore some dress with leggings.. the dress code was supposed to be "smart casual". The food is same old chinese dishes >___>
same old people...just missing some other people

In the middle, people started singing karaoke. THEN, THEY'RE LIKE "OKAY!3RD GENERATION GIRLS COME UP AND SING!" We're like wtff...hell nooo...

Thank goodness my dad asked me to leave with him early(9:00) to study for finals..
yay! DINNER ESCAPE! we're the first ones to leave too!

TOMORROW: MATH FINAL (can't really study for it...its what you basically know)
MANDARIN FINAL (read the chapters once...)

YES!!WE GET OFF AT 11:40!!!!!

I haven't posted for so long...and when I do finally's this boring..haha

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