Sunday, June 15, 2008


My grandparents just came back from a wedding[reception].

And mama comes to ask me to help them carry something from the trunk.

So I went out in my PJs and just slipped on some shoes and walked to the trunk of an uncle's car.

Yes. Our relative drove them home.

So I looked in to see a HUUUGE POT OF FLOWERS..actually you can't even see the covered it's like A BIG ROUND BUNCH of flowers...

I'm like "FLOWERS?!?!??!?!?!"

My uncle was like "you're scared of flowers?" in canto

I'm like..."there's flowers..." at the same time struggling to lift the flowers....but my grandpa already got a hold of it and lifted it up already and I was just helping him support the base....avoiding the flowers...

The whole time he was just yelling at me "USELESS!" , "CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE EVEN SCARED OF FLOWERS!"...and blah blah

pretty sad...I immediately washed my hands with lots of soap when we got into the house. My grandma and my relatives were just laughing at me.

The flowers are very beautiful.

Later on...I found out that he(grandpa) actually won that ball of flowers because his birthday was the closest to today's date. I have to make yeye a card's on wednesday...

currently eating: Cookies & Cream Icecream

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