Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Day of School

Got to school at 7:30.

1st period was so lonely without the seniors. No one to talk to. C...

2nd period: Slap Jack(with Judy & the guys & everyone just crowded over us). Keep injuring myself. A!

3rd period: Big 2(with Nhi,Jason,Steven). Egyptian Ratscrew(with Victor,Jason,girl[dunno her]) A!!! I couldn't even believe it! It was so unexpected..the A.

4th period: Support Yvonne! A!

5th period: Take pictures. Egyptian Ratscrew(with Keiko,Kelly,Lydia). Big 2(with Keiko,Kelly,Lydia,Bobby,Amy). Pictures again. B...

6th period: Talk. Take pictures with Kate. Laughing at Illa. More pictures. A!

Afterschool [11:15] - walked to Jessica's house, then Van's house. Waited there until...

[12:40] : Ying comes to see us!!! She was so happy to see us that she teared up(1/2 jk).

Lunch: M. Japanese Restaurant. Took pictures. We ordered different sushis. Not very filling since we don't want to drain our money. The dishes were very pretty though!

Cue! : Pictures with Ying,Van,Jessica,Emily!

[3:00] : Daddy picked me up. They went to eat dessert at Pa Pa Walk to fill their stomach.

Home: ZzZzZzZzz...

[9:00]: Went to Auntie Betty's house to wait for her to shower & change. Her dog is SOO ADORABLE&CUTE. Watched TV in the meantime.

[9:15]: Betty drove me & her dog to take a walk at Pasadena.
Everyone looked at the dog. Seriously. EVERYONE. And EVERY STORE we went into, people talk to us because of Meiji(her name). Meiji is sooo cute and everyone pets her at every single store..even on the street! She's sooo popular! She's very lively and loves running in tiny circles.

[11:30]: Home. Right Here.

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