Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th is Friday

Emily came over to play! Since there wasn't enough people, we couldn't play mah jong. We ended up playing DDR ..but we only played for a short time because we just took a shower and don't want to sweat. So we decided to play something else that doesn't require body movement... karoake! But then that stupid thing won't work, like our voice from the speakers aren't loud enough. So, we played racing car game. Then we got tired of it, and went on to Kingdom Hearts. Thanks for helping me beat some of those heartless. I got to meet Donald and Goofy and leveled up too. I made Onigiri for Emily and me. My dad was supposed to buy food for us, but he slept the entire time. We ate lunch at like 3:30.

We continued play Kingdom Hearts for a little while until Emily suggested to watch a movie.
We watched Memoirs of a Geisha. Emily left at around 8:00 ish. I went back to play Kingdom Hearts. And I just finished! Now I SHALL to catch up on the animes that I missed for MONTHS.

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