Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July is hateable

My morning started out okay.
In class, I played cards with some people in class(don't even know them or their names), I guess I only care about playing. That was after studying and reviewing for the final.

So we played the usual games, and I learned a new game called Kings Corners! yays. I won first time I played! I'm so pro...I won all the games the first time. Played for the remaining two hours. Then when we were playing Egytian Ratscrew, Mr. D joined in the game by slapping in out of nowhere...so we were all playing and after the bell rang I continued to play since my classroom is close to front gate(kinda).

Then disaster struck! I felt ONE SECOND of pain when me and Mr. D both slapped our hands on the cards and they just clashed and my nail flipped(didn't notice at the time tho). I was so into the game, I didn't even know what really happened until a little later. Then as I was putting my cards down, I suddenly noticed the blood that was flowing out from inside my nail. And I knew I had to stop playing and leave. They continued playing without even knowing my finger would soon be dripping blood.

It was one minute after our fingers clashed that I felt the pain. AND FAWK! IT HURTED LIKE CRAZY!! And my nail was just bleeding nonstop. It was my ring finger(left fourth). Soon, it even got onto my thumb because there was so much blood. I kept shaking my hand like a crazy person as I walked my way out of SG high. I met with Jacinda, and she got disgusted, and she walked with me to the restroom to clean it.

Got on a school bus with Jacinda and her brother and got dropped off at MK high and we started to walk to her house from there. I was just melting underneath the boiling sun.

okay. i'm too lazy to type so i'm just going to skip to the earthquake part.
------11:42 A.M.-----
So the table we were eating our food on suddenly shook like mad. Heard a few *cling* here and there. Then Jacinda turned to me, confused, and asked, " was that an earthquake?" i'm like of course!! so in this adult-less house, we were just like .. so now what? I was pretty calm, no fear or whatsoever. Jacinda was freaked out and scared. So we started talking about it. None of our cellphones worked...all the lines were busy too. So we couldn't contact anyone for 10 minutes? Then the home phone rang and it was their parents. Then when her brother asked me how do we find out how big it is, I was like NEWS! TURN ON THE NEWS! didn't sound like it made sense when its supposed to be "news! turn on tv!".

-somehow..it makes me think my bleeding nail predicted this disaster-

It turned out to be a 5.4 magnitude earthquakie. we were just outside the whole time staring at the tv/news for I don't know how long! like half an hour?or more? Since they didn't really understand what the newsreporters were saying, I had to explain it to them. Sometime in between the news, I just had to eat my rice. I think I cared about food more at that time.

When I got home...everything was fine until I saw my room.
Cups(my melody[plastic]) fell onto the ground.
Folders and Albums fell from the upper part of the closet.
my waterbottles were all lying on the ground.

I showed my grandma, and we both were like...wow it only happened to my room. Strange. But it's true that my room has more stuff than anywhere in the house.

My grandpa is still in the hospital at the moment and he is going to transfer to a different hospital in preparation for the surgery that he is going to get. I hope everything will go along fine with him. Hope the surgery will be a success and hope he will recover from it quickly.

did you notice this is the only post that's in DAYTIME?

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