Friday, July 4, 2008

What's inside my Brain?

Inside Miyu's brain...
I'll interpret it this way....
The blue word on the outside means desire, so it's saying like I always want things.
The green word means eat, indicating I always want to eat and think about food constantly.
The white word is I/Me, I'm guessing selfishness?
Forget the pink word. It's not true.
Well, this is basically what came out when I typed in my Japanese name in Romanji way.
Since I have to many names, I just used this one.
When I typed in my name in the Hiragana way, it came out completely different...with "eat" along the brain and "fun" in center.

This is how it looks when I typed in Hiragana.
Much different right?
"Eat" is all over on the border.
"Fun" is dead in the center.

If you want to see how your brain looks like inside,
you can ask me, and I'll leave the link in tagboard.

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