Sunday, October 16, 2011

A dream in a dream in a dream

I had a [insert title here].
I woke up in my dream to tell him on msn about my dream...while telling him, I guess I fell back asleep. I woke up again to tell him I dreamed of waking up in a dream to tell him what I dreamed of plus the rest of the dream. When I finally woke up for real, I realized what happened. Of course, again, I told him about my dream and how I told him two times in separate dreams.

So the memories of my dream are scattered in pieces in my brain, and some are not obtainable. But here's what I have obtained:

The last thing I dreamed of was seeing many HUGE dead moths(what I thought in the dream), but if I recall that picture again, they resembled mosquitoes more than moths. They were just lying there in the hallway near the bathroom. I squatted down to observe their dead bodies.

I dreamed of skipping class to attend this weird class which I have no memory of at the moment; all I know is that it's very interesting. Then, in the middle of class, I realized I had a test to take for Anatomy. So I ran to the classroom late to take the test. But the test had nothing to do with Anatomy, and the teacher looked completely different from my teacher in real life. I failed the test.

I dreamed of finding a whole bunch of makeup in my room and makeup brushes. I had so much that I gave him to give to his sister. Of course, I would never do this in real life because she's so young, how could she put on makeup at this young age.

I dreamed of seeing my grandma getting this new hi-tech table with multiple functions, and she was showing me all the functions, which amazed me. It was a long table, very smooth, light brown. The only two functions I can recall is that when you press these two buttons on one side of the table, you can wash clothes on that other side. Like put clothes in, push the buttons, and it goes.The other side, you press a button, and a keyboard pops out.

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