Friday, October 7, 2011

Pinkii's Outfit 3 : Cozy Air Bag Hung on Canvas

My personal photographer is improving slightly.. Everything just takes practice.

I slept with wet hair previous night, so my hair was kind of poofy and weird shaped, but you can't really tell^^

Warning: Photo Overload :O!! He got so into taking pictures.

This Black Top was actually picked by him while I was in the changing room in I.S.O. Someone's got good taste.

Off topic: Today, he picked out 2 VS bras for me; surprisingly, he knew what I liked. Good Job!

It was chilly the day I took this picture. Brrrrrr. I took this picture a few days ago :)

See the USPS truck? HAHA.

Closeup to see the side, I love that part where it's pleated or scrunched up.

White Blouse with short pleated sleeves from H&M

Low Black & Gray striped Long Puffed Tank Top from Street Couture by I.S.O. The cool thing was that I discovered a gigantic pocket that goes around the whole top the first time I wore it out. They keep my forearms warm on a cold day ;] What sucks about it, is that it keeps falling off on one side :/

Thick Black Stockings

Red Hi-Top Red Shoe from K-2

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